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Horoscope Daily!

4.2 ( 8432 ratings )
Lifestyle Amusement
Developer: SmartCloudInfoTech
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Horoscope Daily is one of the best horoscope apps you can find for iOS.
Unique features of this app include – daily predictions based on Zodiac, Indian and Chinese Horoscopes - all in ONE place.It also gives you predictions for Career, Wealth, Love, Lucky Direction, and Lucky Numbers in this beautiful and easy to use app: Horoscope Daily.
The daily predictions are based on time tested methods of Daily Horoscope Predictions and Astrology provided by some of the most respected Astrologers.
The app can also give you your daily Biorhythm and your astrological compatibility with your Facebook friends and Celebrities!!!
With predictions notified daily, you have all the information you need to help you make right decisions and make best from the planetary positions in the sky!!!
Horoscope Daily tells you everything,from Matters of the Heart to the wallet, making it a must-have horoscope app.
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What’s your Zodiac Sign?
What’s your Chinese Sign?
What’s your Indian Sign?
Mesa (Aries),Vrsabha(Taurus),Mithuna(Gemini),Karka (Cancer),Simha(Leo),Kanya(Virgo),Tula (Libra),Vrscika (Scorpio),Dhanu (Sagittarius),Makara (Capricorn),Kumbha (Aquarius),Mina (Pisces).
Features of Horoscope Daily
Horoscope Daily shows Zodiac , Indian, Chinese predictions all in one place
Horoscope Daily shows Lucky number, Lucky color, Lucky direction to help you plan your business and work
Horoscope Daily shows you daily Love, Welfare, Career and Wealth predictions
With Horoscope Daily, now know your compatibility with your Facebook Friends and the celebrities you love!
Share your Horoscope compatibility, daily predictionsand other details on Twitter, Facebook
Horoscope Daily also includes a unique Bio-Rhythm chart which tells your intellectual, emotional and physical ability for the day.